Social Pix-e Empowers You To:

  • Promote your brands, events, destinations, works & artworks on Facebook
  • Collate guests/ customers data
  • Let your guests/ customers become your brand ambassador
  • Increase your Facebook visibility and that too, organically
  • Conduct survey & collate valuable feedback
  • Get Facebook page & Social Pix-e post performance analytics
  • Publish & schedule multiple content for your Facebook page
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Deploy multiple Social Pix-e app enabled devices, spread across multiple locations (Create a network) to generate & publish branded photos/ videos and collect data
  • Centrally manage & control all the Social Pix-e app enabled devices (Windows 10 PC kiosk / Android mobile / iOS** mobile) from the Social Pix-e dashboard

Did You Know ?

With more than 2 billion active users, Facebook is world's #1, most engaging and most efficient social media platform for marketing and promotions.

Facebook Profile vs. Page
Which is better for business & audience reach?

  • Facebook's marketing tools are aligned to favor business via Facebook Pages, not Facebook profiles.
  • Pages are public and profiles are layered with privacy settings.
  • Pages can boost posts, profiles can't.
  • Pages have analytics and intelligence measurement, profiles don't. (Source)
  • 94% of all B2C marketer use Facebook to distribute content (Source)
  • Facebook Posts with photos receive 179% more engagements than other posts (Source)
  • Videos are the most shared post type, with 89.5 average Facebook shares(Source)
  • Organic Facebook engagement is highest on posts with videos followed by photos (Source)

Uses & Deployments

Social Pix-e Marketing Platform can be used by almost everyone. From an individual person/ student/ self-employed professional to small/ medium/ large businesses and even by nonprofits/ Govt. to promote & popularize themselves/ their brand/ works/ artworks on Facebook.

  • Artist/ Craftsmen/ Designers/ Self-employed
  • Service providers
  • Tourist/ Amusement/ Entertainment destinations
  • Malls/ Airports/ Retail outlets/ Showrooms
  • Sports venue/ offices
  • Corporate campus/ offices
  • Universities/ colleges/ institutes
  • Events/ Exhibitions/ Conferences
  • Parties/ Social get–together (Marriage, Birthday, Picnic, etc.)
  • Place of worship/ Religious institutions
  • Advertising & Marketing Campaigns
  • Saloons/ Spas/ Gym
  • Art Galleries/ Cultural Institutions/ Museums & Heritage
  • Bars/ Pubs/ Restaurants/ Banquets/ Hotels/ Resorts/ Clubs/ Cruises
  • Govt./ Non Profit Promotional Campaigns
  • Jewellery Showroom
  • And many more...

NOTE: Social Pix-e platform can be leveraged by clients and deployed as Photo taking Kiosk, especially at places, where public Mobile Phones/ Cameras are not allowed.

Get Social Pix-e

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Download, Install & Activate the Social Pix-e App on your Windows 10 PC kiosk/ Android/ IOS** device(s).

Step 3

  • Login to Social Pix-e dashboard
  • Connect with Facebook insights
  • Create a new campaign

Step 4

Start taking branded photos/ videos & collecting valuable guest data from your Social Pix-e App enabled devices.

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