Social Pix-e Marketing Platform is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based hybrid marketing solution which can be leveraged by individual persons/ students/ self-employed professionals/ small/ medium/ large businesses and even by nonprofits/ Govt. organizations to engage with their audience/ guests/ customers and generate Branded User Generated Content (UGC) for their Facebook Page(s) along with valuable guest data.

You can create your own customized branded photo frames and use them for your campaigns. These photo frames can be uploaded at the time of creating campaigns from the Backend web based dashboard.

Using the Social Pix-e app on your Frontend devices (Android/ iOS/ Windows 10 kiosk) you can start taking photos/ videos which shall get automatically photo framed with your customized branded photo frame to create branded photos/ videos. These branded photos/ videos then get published on your Facebook page.

We use branded PHOTOS/ VIDEOS to boost brand engagement (Influencer Marketing), as this is the most popular & powerful way to organically promote & popularize any brand/ message on any social media channel.

A branded photo/video of any person is generally considered as endorsement for that brand/ event/ destination. When guests, their family & friends like/ share/ comment/ tag on the branded photos/ videos, the possibility of the post getting organically viral becomes very high, with enhanced visibility.

Brand UGC

Clicking branded photos/ videos to promote Brands | Events | Destinations | Works | Artworks.

Social Media

Enhancing social media visibility and value.

Viral Marketing

When guests, their family members & friends like/ share/ comment / tag on the branded photos, the possibility of the post getting organically viral becomes very high.

At the Backend, using Social Pix-e dashboard, you can conveniently upload/ change branded photo frame files to mark different occasions such as birthdays, exhibitions, marketing & promotional events, festivities, etc... or just to popularize your brand/ works. You can also create watermark photo frames and use them to differentiate photos/ videos of your works/ artworks or simply to prevent them from getting copied.

In addition you get lots of Facebook performance analytics to guide you take informed marketing decisions + you can also collate valuable guest data + set engagement alerts to keep you informed, about the achievement of benchmark numbers for your Social Pix-e posts.

You can also create your own brand fan page within your website to promote your brand and engage with your guests/ customers by displaying their branded photos/ videos and/ or their testimonials directly and instantly without any programming, onto your own website fan page, using Social Pix-e API.

Central Remote Control

Remotely manage and control all devices from your central Social Pix-e dashboard.

Valuable Data

Lead generation + Survey feedback.

Key Performance Analytics

Key performance analytics of your Social media channel + Social Pix-e posts with insights.

Overall, Social Pix-e is a great marketing platform to:

  1. Enhance your Facebook visibility and that too, organically
  2. Generate fresh unlimited branded user generated content
  3. Keep yourself timely informed about the achievement of your Social Pix-e post performance benchmark
  4. Collate unlimited guest data (Lead generation)
  5. Display your guests/ customers branded photos/ videos and/ or their testimonials on your website fan page.
  6. Conduct unlimited survey to collate guest feedback
  7. Get unlimited Facebook page performance analytics & insights
  8. Get unlimited Social Pix-e post performance analytics & insights